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Campaigners against hydraulic fracturing at Barton Moss in Greater Manchester may face eviction

UK fracking protesters may face eviction


Campaigners against hydraulic fracturing at Barton Moss in Greater Manchester may face eviction if a legal bid against them succeeds.

The Manchester Civil Justice Centre is due to hold a court hearing on Friday on the eviction case, the BBC reported.

A legal order was served on protesters by solicitors Wragge and Co representing Manchester Ship Canal Developments and Peel Investments (North).

The companies say they own the land the protest camp is on and are petitioning the court for eviction and compensation.

A spokeswoman for IGas told the station: “We continue to go about our legal business that has all the necessary planning and permits.”

The protesters have been in the area since late November when UK shale explorer IGas Energy spudded the Barton Moss exploration probe.

Campaigners have since staged a number of blockade protests that have stalled deliveries to the site and lead to arrests.

The explorer is targeting both shale gas and coal-bed methane potential with the vertical well at Barton Moss Road.

IGas Energy said late last year it expected initial results from the two- to three-month drill during the first quarter.

The UK onshore explorer has not yet applied for a permit to hydraulically fracture the well.

Campaign group Frack Free Greater Manchester is staging an enlarged protest coinciding with the court case on Friday, and has repeatedly criticised what it says is heavy-handed policing of the demonstrations.

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